THE DIRTY DUO - March 11, 2017


A Note from the ORGANISING committee

March 7, 2017 - 1:00 pm


Dear Dirty Duo Friends and Entrants,

We have made the decision to cancel the event for this weekend. We have been in discussions with the District of North Vancouver, and agree that this is the best course of action.

With the snow and ice that is already on the trails, the snow that has fallen over the last day, and with the future weather being unpredictable as to whether we will be getting more snow, sleet or rain by race day, we are at peace with the decision.

We did want to give you the decision with as much notice as we could. I do realise that the weather may change by the weekend, but we are uncomfortable enough with the trail conditions and forecast that this is the correct choice. We are sorry for any disappointment this causes, but we are working on making things right.

Now, for the good news. We are in discussion with the District to reschedule the event this spring. They have been fantastic to work with, and we definitely appreciate their efforts and blessing for a rescheduled event.

They have also officially approved new courses! As many of you know, the District has closed a portion of our previous course below the suspension bridge until repairs are made. This alone made a reroute mandatory. We believe that our new course will make for a better experience for runners and riders, while making marking and support much easier for our volunteer team.

Entrants will be able to defer their entry to the newly scheduled Dirty Duo, or to any of our other races up to and including next year's Dirty Duo. 

Please keep checking our website (, Facebook and emails for further information. Thank you also for your understanding that this is a difficult decision, not one we make lightly. We do take the safety of our racers and volunteers as our utmost priority, and just don't feel we can offer that security and the experience we both expect, at least for now.

Ken Greenaway, and the race committee


What is the DIRTY DUO?
Being mountain bikers and trail runners, we want to share what living and playing on the rugged North Shore trails is all about!! This scenic trail race will challenge beginners as well as extreme athletes. Here are the six options:

  • Run 15 km
    • Get the excitement of Dirty Duo without the pain by doing some of the 27 km route minus the big hills. If you did The Phantom Run, you can do this one. 
  • Run 27 km
    • Looking to get off the pavement and get a little dirty? Well this challenging 27 km trail run is for you.
  • Run 50 km
    • Ultra runners do two slightly different loops.  Double your pleasure!
  • Do a relay
    • Runner starts out and runs 27 km, then tags rider who goes out for 30 km. Lowest combined time determines placement. 
  • Do it all!
    • Go solo and do both the 27 km run and 30 km bike
    • Start with a gruelling 27 km Trail run and end with a technically challenging 30 km Cross Country mountain bike.
  • Mountain bike 30 km
    • Fun, technical cross country course designed for 'maximum enjoyment'. 30 km of classic North shore trails including: Ned's Atomic Dust Bin, Bottle Top and Old Buck to name a few. 

Note: You do not need to run and bike; you can choose one event!

"Dirty Duo is like no other race in North Vancouver. It really brings together the mountain bike and running community. Which is perfect because we share the trails throughout the year anyway. Based on the flawlessness of the day, it's clear you've found the world's best volunteers, from those freezing atop Ned's to those dodging traffic with a stop sign. At every aid station and check point, volunteers were cheering, helpful, and most importantly, smiling. Thank you so so much to the entire Dirty Duo Crew. A world class event." TC

Can I Do It?
Yes! You can do it, if you:

  • Have built up a solid base on trails,
  • Can run for 3-4 hours (27 km race) or for 6-8 hours (50 km race) by race day,
  • Have experience with trail races and recognize that they take longer than road races,
  • Want an early race to kick start your year,
  • Have previewed Bridle Path and Ned's Atomic Dust Bin (oh yeah) on your mountain bike. Ned's is rather technical.

Schedule of Activities

Package Pickup
Friday, March 10, 2017
4:00-7:00 pm at Forerunners North Vancouver
980 Marine Drive, North Vancouver, BC
Phone: (604) 982-0878

Saturday March 11, 2017
Before your race starts


Race Day
Start/Finish/Awards: Jaycee House 1251 Lillooet Rd

7:00-7:30 am 'Sign-in' for 50 km, Solo and Relay
7:30 am Early start for 50 km ultra
7:50 am Briefing inside Jaycee House
8:00 am Start 50 km, Solo and Relay (runner goes first) 

9:00-9:30 am 'Sign-in' for 27 km run and Bike only
9:50 am Briefing inside Jaycee House
10:00 am Start 27 km run AND bike only start

12:00-12:30 'Sign-in' for 15 km Run
12:50 Briefing for 15 km Run in Jaycee House
1:00 pm Start 15 km Run

3:30 pm Awards start
4:00 pm Course closes to all racers
5:00 pm Farewell till next year! 


Other Race Information

Results for the 2016 Dirty Duo. Details here.
Photos for the 2016 Dirty Duo. Details here.