Dirty Duo Clinic 2018
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About:                           TRAILHEAD LOCATIONS

Our clinics are 10 weeks of skills-based training sessions for all levels of trail runners – from new to experienced. Each clinic corresponds with one of our series races. You will run with experienced, friendly clinic leaders and training sessions will cover trail running technique, gear, hydration, navigation, safety, trail food, trail etiquette, day-to-day nutrition, maintaining balance, cross-training, using a training program, goal setting, developing ankle strength, avoiding injury, rehabilitation and recover, race preparation, race strategy and trail maintenance.


  • Clinics include:
    • Saturday long run
    • Wednesday night speed workout
    • Race entry fee
    • Discounts at Forerunners
    • Clinic gift
    • Detailed route descriptions
    • Scenery
    • Draw prizes
    • Guest speakers
    • Major fun, and a chance to meet crazy people. 


  • General Info
    • We meet at 8:30am on the first day at Forerunners 980 Marine Drive, North Vancouver. Be prepared to run during the first session.
    • Clinics meet on Saturday morning at 8:30am at a trailhead & Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm at Forerunners (980 Marine Drive)
    • Drop-ins are welcome! Drop-in fees are on par with the clinic rate. 

Clinic Distances:

Our clinic distances will depend on the corresponding race series. Typically, we have three distances:

1)      Short Course (10-15K goal)

The short course is a good place to start if you are new to trail running. The basics of trail running will be covered, graduating from groomed to technical trails. You will receive a solid grounding in trail technique. The short course will help prepare you for the short-distance event in the corresponding race series. Prerequisite: 5K on the road.

2)      Intermediate Course (15-27K goal)

Ready for longer distance and more technical trails? You have completed a previous clinic or are an experienced trail runner? Then the intermediate course is for you. The intermediate course will help prepare you for the intermediate-distance event in the corresponding race series. Prerequisite: 10-12K.

3)      Long Course (27+K goals)

The long course is suited to runners who have a good deal of trail experience and have already participated in trail races. If you have longer distance race goals, plenty of drive and enjoy the challenge of the north shore technical trails, this is for you. You do not need to be fast to join this group! The long course will help prepare you for the long-distance event in the corresponding race series. Prerequisite: 15K.

Are you a fanatical trail runner? Are you hopelessly hooked on trail running, go through withdrawal when you miss a trail run, don’t mind running with the forest critters, but would like to run with some like-minded humans because you are training for an ultra? You are in luck! Some of our long course clinic leaders fit this description. You will be in good company!


WINTER 2018 - DIRTY DUO CLINIC - January 6th, 2018

  • First Day meet at 8:30 a.m. at Forerunners North Vancouver. See Trailhead locations list for future meeting spots.
  • Registration fee - $135 (10 weeks)
  • Includes individual entry to the Dirty Duo. You must register for race separately. We send you a code and reminder to register for the race once we receive your clinic registration.


  • 2 Ways to Register:

Clinic Refund Policy

On the first day of the clinic, if you think that trail running is not for you, we will offer a full refund. If you are injured for 50% or more of the clinic, you may attend another trail clinic of the same distance (e.g.: you may attend another short course clinic if you are currently enrolled in a short course distance). This does not include race entry fees – we have a separate policy for races.