The clinics are skills-based training sessions covering technique, gear, hydration, navigation, safety, trail food, trail etiquette, day-to-day nutrition, maintaining balance, cross-training, using a training program, goal setting, developing ankle strength, avoiding injury, rehabilitation and recovery, race preparation, race strategy and trail maintenance. You will experience a variety of trails from simple to technical depending on the level of the clinic and the distance goals. Experienced, friendly leaders are available for all levels of runners.

  • Clinics include:
    • Saturday long run
    • Wednesday night speed workout
    • Race fee
    • Discounts at Forerunners
    • Online trail booklet
    • Clinic gift
    • Detailed route descriptions
    • Scenery
    • Draw prizes
    • Guest speakers
    • Major fun, and a chance to meet crazy people. 


  • General Info
    • We meet at 8:30am on the first day at Forerunners 980 Marine Drive, North Vancouver. Be prepared to run during the first session.
    • Clinics meet on Saturday morning at 8:30am at a trailhead & Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm at Forerunners (980 Marine Drive)
    • Drop-in fees are on par with the clinic rate. 

Types of Clinics Glossary:

  • Short Course Clinic (10-12 km goal)
    • The "short course" clinic covers the basics on relatively simple routes from 5-8 km in distance graduating from easy trails to some technical sections. The final run is a race or adventure run. You will receive a solid grounding in trail technique. Prerequisite: 5 km on road
  • Intermediate Clinic (12-25 km goal)
    • The intermediate clinic is suited to runners who have completed a previous clinic or are experienced trail runners who are ready for longer distance and more technical trails. Prerequisite: 10-12 km.
  • Advanced Clinic (25+ km goal)
    • The advanced clinic is suited to runners who have a good deal of trail experience and have already participated in trail races. They have longer distance race goals, plenty of drive, and enjoy the challenge of the north shore technical trails. You do not need to be fast to join this clinic. Prerequisite: 12 km.
  • Fanatic Clinic (50 km goal)
    • The fanatic clinic is suited to runners who are hopelessly hooked on trail running, go through withdrawal when they miss a trail run, and have done 25 km or longer trail race. You do not need to be fast but stamina is an asset. Prerequisite: 20 km.





Clinics Offered:

Fall 2017 - Hallow's Eve / Phantom Run (Oct 28/Nov 19, 2017) Clinic

  • For the Fall clinics (8 weeks; $135)
    • includes entries to both Hallow's Eve AND Phantom Runs!
    • Intermediate and advanced levels
    • Begins Sept. 9, 2017 at 8:30am from Forerunners North Vancouver
    • Prerequisite: 8-10km
    • Includes race fees
    • Trailhead locations are here


  • 2 Ways to Register:
    • Online registration.
    • At Forerunners via cash, credit card or debit.



NOV 11 - Our final training run prior to Phantom! Meet at 8:30 at Lynn Headwater Park. Park in the overflow lot closest to the small lot.

SHORT - 7km - instructions and map

INTERMEDIATE - 11km - instructions and map

NOV 4 - Phantom Run Orientation Run! - feel free to invite your friends for a free trail run to familiarize yourselves with some of the trails used in the Phantom Run (Nov 18)!

SHORT - 12km - instructions and map

INTERMEDIATE - 15 or 19.5km - instructions and map

OCT 21 - Our Last Pre-Hallow's Run! Meet at the gazebo at 8:30 for runs of 12km or a choice of 15 or 19.5 km

Meet at the Gazebo at LSCR for today's run. We'll have a brief talk about nutrition by Tracey Mager today!

SHORT - 9 km - instructions and map

INTERMEDIATE - 11km, 14km OR 18km - instructions and map


Join us for a run showing parts of the Hallow's Eve courses! All are welcome, and it's FREE! Meet at the lacrosse box near Jaycee House for an 8:30 start. Tell your friends!

SHORT - 8km - Directions and map

INTERMEDIATE - 14 or 17 km directions and map

LONG - 26 km directions and map

Oct 7 - back to the Gazebo at LSCR today! We'll be doing part of the half and full marathon routes today. Maps and/or instructions will be given out on Saturday, and posted as we complete them. The short froup will be doing approx. 12km, while the Intermediate group will be running approximately 18 km. 8:30 start!

Sept 30 - We're at Cypress Mountain today! Meet at the parking lot near the washrooms for an8:30 start with runs on the Howe Sound Crest Trail.

SHORT - instructions

INTERMEDIATE - instructions

Sept 23 - today's meeting place is at 8:30 the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge (the parking lot just prior to the bridge). We're doing runs of 7km for the short, and 14 (or 15) km for the Intermediate groups. See you there!

Sept 16 - we're back at the GAZEBO at LSCR today for runs of 6.5 and 11 km

SHORT - instructions and map

INTERMEDIATE - instructions and map

Sept 9 NOTE: meet at Forerunners (980 Marine Drive) for an 8:30 a.m. start. After initial talk, we'll carpool to the run start at LSCR.

SHORT - Instructions and map

INTERMEDIATE - Instructions and map

Clinic photos.

Clinic Refund Policy

  • On the first day of the clinic, if you think that trail running is not for you, we offer a full refund. Or, if you are injured for 50% or more sessions in a trail clinic, you are entitled to attend another trail clinic of the same kind (for example, you can attend another Short Course clinic if you are currently enrolled in a Short Course clinic).